ActivePure Medical Announces Mission & Vision to Fight Preventable Infection

Ensuring patients and healthcare workers leave better than when they arrived

After receiving FDA-Clearance as a Class II Medical Device on the ActivePure Medical Guardian™, ActivePure Technology™ launched a dedicated medical team to ensure healthcare customers receive best-in-class support from a dedicated infection prevention team.

The ActivePure Medical team is proud to be the exclusive provider of ActivePure’s FDA Cleared, Class II Medical Device. We are happy to share our new logo, website, and vision with the healthcare community. We believe in our product and our evidence-based solution approach so much that it inspired our company's official tagline:

ActivePure Medical Logo

We partner with healthcare leaders to help create the safest environment possible for the healthcare workers, their patients, and their family and friends. Our executive team has spent their entire career in the healthcare field, and they are passionate about serving our medical customers:

  • Hospitals/Acute Care
  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Community Health Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing

ActivePure Medical Goals

  • Our Mission It is our shared mission to help our customers fight preventable infections.
  • Our Vision ActivePure is a disruptive and unique solution that helps you create a safer environment for patients and employees.
  • Our Beliefs
    • We believe in creating the safest environmentpossible
    • We know you do everything you can to protect your patients
    • We must engineer out the human factor
    • We will never stop innovating and striving to achieve zero infections

Who We Are

Despite the raised awareness and diligent efforts of healthcare facilities to mitigate infection through heightened cleaning protocols, 50%+ of targeted touchpoints in facilities are missed, even with the most rigorous sanitation processes, and 40% have been deemed inadequately disinfected. Pathogens on the patient room floor have been found to spread quickly to other areas.

The prevalence of these healthcare-associated infections that are wholly preventable demands a solution, and an overwhelmed healthcare industry deserves a solution that will mitigate infection autonomously. This research-based and scientifically proven solution of ActivePure Medical’s FDA-Cleared, Class II Medical Device, the Guardian, is carefully crafted, implemented, and overseen by an elite, informed, and dedicated infection prevention team exclusively licensed to work with this technology.

Because the proper assessment of needs and implementation of our preventative technology can mean the difference between life and death, protecting patients and staff under your care, requires a proactive and continuous approach, which is the very foundation on which ActivePure Medical builds its team members, at every level of our company.

The ActivePure Medical executive team has spent their entire career in the healthcare field. Collectively, they bring over 80 years of experience, primarily in infection prevention, and is is led by Daniel Marsh, President, who is an experienced global leader in infection prevention products and has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the scientifically defendable evidence required and used by ActivePure Medical to provide our healthcare partners with a solution to infectious pathogens that is as unique as their varying practices and niche needs.

“We are an infection prevention company, and as part of that, we partner closely with our customers to help them achieve better outcomes by understanding their needs and sharing our resources and knowledge. Providing robust infection prevention assessments and quality assurance services that exceed the standards of infection prevention and environmental services cleaning teams is standard practice for ActivePure Medical.”
–Daniel Marsh, President

Through Daniel’s passion for developing and implementing integrated solutions for healthcare partners in need of business process and strategy improvement, he has assembled a team of equally-qualified and highly skilled members who also hold close to their heart the crux of ActivePure Medical’s values:

Helpful – Practical – Consultative – Integrity – Innovative – Wisdom – Empathy

Other leaders of the ActivePure Medical team include:

“What I most enjoy about my position at ActivePure Medical is that we are a science-powered company. Everything that we do and say is grounded in evidence-based practice and research that is replicable and rigorous from one facility to another throughout the continuum of care, improving patient outcomes and reducing surface and air bio-burden.”
-Caitlin Stowe, VP, Clinical Affairs and Medical Liaison
“Implementation of ActivePure's technology and the possibilities for impact on global health is not only exciting, but meaningful. Getting to work with a team who is just as passionate about the benefits of this proactive, continuous air purification and surface decontamination technology as they are knowledgeable is the icing on the cake.”
-Alex Waits, VP, Business Development
“The best part of working at ActivePure Medical is distributing information and connecting with our healthcare partners in various fields to help provide a safer environment of care for their patients and colleagues. The technology we use is automated and continuous. We’ve seen many shortages of caregivers and staff in medical facilities in the last few years. Being able to run continuous and automatic infectious surface and air disinfection without causing any additional work or requiring an operator makes such an impact.”
-Marissa Ransdell, VP, Marketing

ActivePure Medical Solutions

Helping medical professionals get back to the office safely and care for their patients effectively.

ActivePure Medical Guardian and other ActivePure air cleaners

Air quality and surface disinfection are critical components of a best-in-class infection control program. Born from NASA-funded space technology and designed from the ground up for the healthcare environment, the ActivePure Medical Guardian air disinfection device uses breakthrough technology to reduce airborne contaminants.

With a proprietary, patented, and award-winning advanced technology, ActivePure Medical puts the wellness of patients and our healthcare partners above all else. ActivePure Medical’s technology continuously produces and propels oxidative molecules into occupied spaces where they reduce and eliminate airborne and surface pathogens which provide and added layer of protection against pathogens known to cause Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) like staphylococcus epidermidis, Erwinia herbicola, Aspergillus niger, Bacillus globigii, and Fungi, and is extremely effective against less resistant enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the coronavirus and other bacteria and viruses that spread the common cold or flu in the workplace.

The differences between our solutions and others in the industry doesn’t stop with our superior technology, and we’ve known from the beginning that our technologies could help save lives.

Chart showing advantages of using ActivePure
Medical’s products, such as proven effective against clinically
relevant pathogens, treats both airborne surface pathogens, odors, &
vocs, run 24/7 without an operator, safe to use in space occupied
with people, purchase and lease options.

Experience the ActivePure Medical Difference

  • Complimentary assessment of facilities’ cleaning policies, procedures, and, needs
  • Customized, engineer-configured installation design
  • CARB Certified Technology
  • On-demand access to partners and resources

Learn more about the ActivePure Medical technology.

At ActivePure Medical, we believe that it is our calling and duty to help ensure healthcare providers and their patients don’t leave their facilities in a more compromised position from that in which they entered. Contact one of our knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts for a complimentary review of your facility’s infection prevention needs and a tailored solution for you.

“ActivePure Medical’s technology is incredibly powerful at reducing harmful pathogens, but its true power and potential in healthcare lie in our dedicated infection prevention team. Their expert perspectives deliver the benefit of diverse knowledge and industry experience that are crucial to assess prevention needs and cater to healthcare partners in their unique settings.”
–Daniel Marsh, President

Why ActivePure Medical

The global health crisis the world has battled over the past few years and continues to fight has revealed to us how universally vital effective healthcare workers and sanitary facilities are for communities and even countries to endure hardship and thrive medically, emotionally, and financially.

While the healthcare industry has made significant strides in the cleaning and disinfection protocols under the training and monitoring of infection prevention teams, healthcare-associated infections still occur. Industry leaders and research call for new, continuous or persistent disinfection technology, and ActivePure Technology answered that call to provide healthcare customers a dedicated infection prevention team with the launch of ActivePure Medical, the exclusive provider of ActivePure’s FDA-Cleared, Class II Medical Device.

The development of evidence-based science and protecting people are at the core of ActivePure Medical. As a result of ActivePure’s dedicated history in cleaning and disinfection innovation the ActivePure Medical division has already made a name for itself, separate and apart from its parent company, as a leader in surface and air disinfection technology, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance on its Class II Medical Device, and continuously strives to ensure our healthcare partners and their patients are protected from preventable illness and infection in the midst of the most difficult and trying times the medical industry and world have ever faced.

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