ActivePure Medical Announces Distribution Agreement with Southern Strategic Sourcing Partners (S3P)

Multi-Year Contract Offers Savings on Continuous Disinfection Products to S3P Members

DALLAS (March 1, 2022) – ActivePure Medical, the exclusive healthcare provider of ActivePure Technology, announced its automated, whole-room disinfection products are now available to Southern Strategic Sourcing Partners (S3P) through its distribution agreement with American Medical Xchange, LLC (AMX), an NMSDC-certified minority-owned distribution company based in Longwood, Fla. AMX is a distributor of medical-surgical equipment and continuous, full-facility disinfection devices for healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared ActivePure Medical Guardian as a free-standing device used in professional healthcare environments to reduce airborne contaminants. ActivePure reduces the viability of microorganisms by 4-6 logs, such as Staphylococcus epidermidis and MS2 as tested and featured on the ActivePure Medical website.

The new Automated Room Disinfection agreement enables S3P members, which are in the Southeastern United States, to take advantage of special pricing and terms for the FDA-cleared ActivePure Medical Guardian and other continuous, full-facility, surface and air solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce AMX as our newest distribution partner for S3P members,” said Dan Marsh, president of ActivePure Medical. “We have been impressed with CEO Alister Barrow’s leadership since he founded AMX and look forward to working with him as we offer S3P members with the very best in facility- wide surface and air disinfection technology.”

ActivePure Medical is an infection prevention company that offers a patented and proven disinfection technology that runs continuously and automatically to inactivate pathogens, including mold, bacteria and viruses known to cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) facility-wide. The technology has received over 130 patents with more than 70 in the United States and more than 60 internationally. All ActivePure Medical products are California Air and Resource Board (CARB) certified.

ActivePure Medical will be introduced to S3P Members as the official air sponsor of the S3P Clinical Supply Conference 2022 on March 2-3 at Hotel Effie Sandestin in Miramar Beach, Fla. ActivePure Medical will provide enough portable devices -- including the ActivePure Medical Guardian, ActivePure Medical Surface & Air Guardian and ActivePure Beyond Guardian -- to disinfect the air and surfaces across the entire event space. ActivePure’s patented technology releases thousands of submicroscopic particles that actively target pathogens in the air and on surfaces, inactivating them on contact and turning them into harmless byproducts. In addition to outfitting the space with ActivePure Technology, the conference is requiring that all in-person attendees show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and follow state and local guidelines and recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.)

“Ensuring the air and surfaces of the conference are protected with ActivePure Medical’s infection prevention technology is paramount for events like this one,” Marsh said. He added that “providing additional measures goes hand-in-hand with our partnership with S3P and AMX.”

“AMX is proud to bring ActivePure Medical products into our portfolio,” Barrow said. “Our agreement with S3P provides its members with access to ActivePure Medical’s FDA-cleared Class II Medical Devices, specifically designed for healthcare settings, along with other ActivePure Medical products like the HVAC induct units.”

ActivePure is adaptable to current HVAC systems and precisely configured by engineers to any interior space, utilizing portable units and/or installed induct HVAC units. ActivePure works as an added layer of protection against harmful HAIs and is exceptionally effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which easily transmits COVID-19 and its variants from person to person in enclosed spaces. Independent testing completed in FDA-compliant biosafety labs level three and four found that ActivePure inactivated more than 99.96% of a high concentration of SARS-CoV-2 virus in less than three minutes.

The new agreement is available on the S3P members portal. Additionally, members may request a free, customized consultation with AMX by emailing

To learn more about ActivePure Medical, its uses and scientific studies, please visit, or call 800-572-6241.


ActivePure Medical, the exclusive healthcare provider of ActivePure, was launched in 2020 after the ActivePure Medical Guardian received Class II Medical Device clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ActivePure designed these medical-grade, automated and continuous disinfection units to combat some of healthcare’s most resistant pathogens that lead to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs.) The ActivePure powered units have been proven effective in extensive independent laboratory and healthcare settings and are available in portable and induct HVAC configurations. All ActivePure Medical units are California Air and Resource Board (CARB) certified to meet ozone and electrical safety standards and designed for use facility-wide without interrupting the continuum of care. For more information on ActivePure Medical, please visit or call 800-572-6241.

American Medical Xchange is a Minority-Owned Distribution Company providing personal protective equipment and other medical devices to our healthcare partners throughout the United States. To learn more, visit

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