The ActivePure Legacy of Innovation Enters Healthcare

Perfected & Patented by ActivePure

ActivePure Technology launched ActivePure Medical as the exclusive healthcare provider of its technology, a patented and award-winning advanced photocatalytic oxidation process that turns ambient air into protective molecules.

The basis of our technology is Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) which scientists at NASA Research Partnership Center created in the mid-1990s for use on the International Space Station.¹ ActivePure has continuously improved and upgraded the technology. Today’s patented ActivePure Technology is Advanced Active Photocatalytic Oxidation (AAPC.)

What Sets ActivePure's AAPC Apart

Effective Against Clinically Relevant Pathogens

ActivePure Achieves a 4-6 Log Reduction on Staphylococcus epidermidi, Aspergillus niger, and More, as Tested.¹

Requirements for Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2.)

All Products Are Well Below EPA, OSHA, & NIOSH Requirements. ²

FDA Cleared & CARB Certified

The ActivePure Medical Guardian is FDA Cleared³ and all ActivePure Medical products are California Air & Resource Board (CARB) Certified.

How it Works

ActivePure Technology relies on chemistry, not chemicals, to transform your air into powerful and effective molecules. ActivePure utilizes a photocatalytic process defined as a light source and catalyst to make a chemical reaction more likely to happen by reducing the activation energy required.¹ ActivePure further enhanced the mixed metal matrix, or catalyst, to change how it interacts with the light source, making it more effective.²

The ActivePure cell houses the light source and the catalyst. As air passes through the ActivePure cell, the oxidated molecules are continuously created to combat environmental contaminants.

After deactivating environmental contaminants, the molecules return to their original state of hydrogen or oxygen. In some ActivePure solutions, ActivePure also includes a HEPA filter, non-ozone ionization, and activated carbon.

Being Proactive and Continuous is Key.

The ActivePure Advantage

ActivePure purifies the air, but it is not a standard air purifier. ActivePure is an active surface and air disinfection technology that creates proactive protective molecules which fill the space. Instead of waiting for harmful pathogens to enter our unit and filter it, we fill the targeted space with oxidative molecules continuously, whether a pathogen is present or not. When a harmful pathogen does enter space, the ActivePure molecules are ready to go to work.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Infection Prevention?

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